Monday, January 18, 2010

Free engagement session

See that photo? And the one in the last post?
We got those taken for free. By a professional photographer. In fact, we got a mini engagement session for free from a company who staffs highly trained photographers.
How can you do the same?
The way I figure, any company who has money to advertise has money to provide special services like this.
Carl and I found this company through a facebook ad for a contest to win free wedding photography. By signing up for this contest, we were put onto the mailing list of this company. Yuck, I know. No one wants spam. However, with weddings, big money is involved. By being on the mailing list, we were able to be alerted to their free engagement photo session for any couple on the list.
So what do I recommend?
Set up a wedding email. A separate email address from your usual address, but one that you will check regularly. This way you can sign up for all kinds of special wedding offers without cluttering your own inbox with unwanted junk. In the emails you get, you will find some gems that can end up saving you thousands of dollars.

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